My Unique Travels

I love traveling!

Yes, this is me!/ Si, esta soy yo!

Sure is not easy and you have to figure out everything from where to go, to what to take or who.. and the BIG one: budgeting. Figuring out the when and how to get from point A to point B is also stressful, specially when you are limited in time and budget.

Recently I have been blessed to visit 3 places. I say recently but it is more like, in the past 2 1/2 years. I have been to Thailand, back home to Puerto Rico, before the hurricanes hit, and Mexico to visit my father.

The ones thing that bugs me is that as I have gotten older, I can’t sleep on the planes anymore. So what do I do? Read! Yes, I read. Believe or not reading is not so bad until you misplace the book while packing, spill your coffee on it due to turbulence (that happen to my dad once but not me, yet) or you have to put it down when you get to a really good part for one reason or another. Of course before I got to travel without kids, I had to figure out when to read when my kids where traveling with me. My solution… wait until they fall asleep, cause you can’t sleep they are on the plane with you anyways. 😉